Chants D’Auvergne: A Singer’s Guide to Auvergnat Pronunciation

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Co-authors Brodovitch and McCann offer a complete reference for the performance of the Chants d’Auvergne, Canteloube’s collection of twenty-nine orchestrated folk songs sung in the Auvergnat dialect. Phonetic transcriptions of each song with English word for word and idiomatic translations, revised line-by-line French translations (originally edited by Canteloube for the musical layout),  Pronunciation, Text, and Musical notes.

Chart of Sounds provides a convenient reference to Auvergnat sounds and their spellings. Special Features presents an in-depth discussion of Auvergnat pronunciation.


Appendixes include Songs By Category with information on song themes, keys, and tempos as an aid to recital planning, English-French Glossary of the songs’ Auvergnat vocabulary and English translation of Canteloube’s pronunciation notes.
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181 Pages

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